Hole 1

A gentle downhill par 3 demanding accuracy with a long iron or even a small wood depending on wind conditions. The left side of the green is protected by a bunker and on the right trees will catch the unwary golfer.

Hole 2

A tree lined par 4 with a gentle uphill fairway requiring an accurate drive, which leaves a medium/high iron to a raised green. Take care to avoid the bunkers to the left and right of the green.

Hole 3

A good par 5 providing a test for even the best of golfers. Accuracy off the tee is essential to drive into the gap between the trees on the left and the trees and ditch on the right. The risk of going for the green in two shots can bring reward or disaster – the green is protected by a ditch running across the fairway on the approach and by bunkers on the  left. If you prefer to take three shots to the green it is best to place the second shot towards the right side of the fairway to provide a good view of the green.

Hole 4

A par 3 with a long narrow green that can alter the hole length depending on the pin position. Beware of the pool to the front left of the green.

Hole 5

This is the first of three holes that the locals call ''Amen Corner''. A stream runs across the fairway which requires a carry of approximately 240 yards from the tee to clear. Whether laying up, or going for it with the driver, accuracy is required. The 5th hole has out of bounds along its entire length on the left hand side and trees on the right. A good drive leaves a medium iron to the green – if you lay up you will be hitting a long iron or wood to reach the green.

Hole 6

The second hole of ''Amen Corner'' is another stiff test. Again, a stream runs across the fairway and a long drive is required to carry the hazard. A lay up from the tee leaves a long iron into a Mackenzie green protected by a bunker on the left. Also beware the large pond to the left of the green. This hole is a serious test of your golfing prowess. If you par the hole then congratulate yourself and move boldly to the next.

Hole 7

The last hole of ''Amen Corner '' is another challenge that requires you to place your drive over the top or to the right of the oak tree sited to the left of centre of the fairway. The fairway is a gentle uphill climb and is tree lined to a long narrow green that is bunkered on the left-hand side.

Hole 8

Alsager's signature hole which is attractive and pleasing to the eye. Drive on this par 4 between two oaks and to the right centre of the fairway. Then the green is opened up. Take aim with short iron, again between two trees to a green that is well protected by bunkers.

Hole 9

A gentle uphill par 3 with a semi-blind sloping green. The green slopes uphill from front to back and is protected by three bunkers in front and two more on the left side. Select your medium iron with great care to avoid the problems posed by this delightful short hole.

Hole 10

A downhill dog leg right par 4 that requires a very accurate drive if you are to avoid a ditch that runs down the left side of the fairway. On the other hand if you drive too far right from the raised tee, then you could go Out Of Bounds or become entangled in the large trees that protect the right side of the fairway. A good drive leaves a relatively easy medium/short iron to a flat green.

Hole 11

A pleasing short par 4 that gives a good opportunity for a birdie. If you place your drive middle to right of the fairway you are rewarded with a short iron into a green that has a deep bunker on the left side and a large shallow bunker on the right side of the green. Neither presents a problem if your drive is in position.

Hole 12

A long and difficult par 4 that needs your longest drive if you wish to hit the green with your second shot. Avoid the two fairway bunkers before hitting a long iron or wood to the two tiered green that is set into the hillside and is protected by out of bounds and a bunker on the left side. On the green you are often left with a fast downhill putt that tests your prowess with the putter to the full. A true test of any golfers ability and skill.

Hole 13

A downhill par 4 that provides an opportunity to open your shoulders, but you must protect against straying into the trees. A good tee shot leaves a short iron to a green that slopes away from front to back and is protected by a small bunker on the right.

Hole 14

The fourteenth is a long difficult uphill par 4 that needs two good shots to reach a green set in the hillside. You need to drive over a pond at the base of the hill and miss the two fairway bunkers on either side of the fairway to set up your long/middle iron to the green. Playing for the back of the green eliminates the possibility of bouncing back down the hill. However there are some very fast putts from the back of the green.

Hole 15

A short par 3 with perched on top of the highest point on the course protected by bunkers left and right. Aim to keep left of the pin to leave an uphill putt. Take a moment as you play the hole, and take in the breathtaking views. They are spectacular and provide a near 360 degree panoramic view of several counties. The mountains of Snowdonia can even be seen on a good, clear day.

Hole 16

A delightful downhill par 4 that once again gives you the feeling that you can open your shoulders and let fly. Beware of the ditch that runs to the left of the fairway for the length of the hole. Aim your drive to the right side of the fairway just inside the bunker and your ball kicks left into the middle/left side of the fairway. This leaves you with a short/middle iron to a green that slopes away from you and is bunkered on either side. Danger from running through the steep sided green may cause you to err on the side of caution.

Hole 17

A gentle downhill par 5 that is a slightly dog leg right provides a excellent opportunity of a birdie or even eagle for the low handicap player. A faded drive anywhere on the fairway is acceptable (so long as you miss the fairway bunkers); this leaves a medium/long iron to along narrow but well bunkered green. For mere mortals, a second set of fairway bunkers come into play with your second shot. All players must beware the out of bounds that runs almost the whole length of the fairway and green.

Hole 18

A slight uphill dog leg right par 4 once again provides an opportunity for a birdie. A faded drive aimed at the left side of the fairway misses the two fairway bunkers leaving a short iron into a semi blind green. The green is protected with two front bunkers and a rear bunker.
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